My Top 3 Red Carpet Looks From The 2017 Grammy’s

If there’s ever a time to stunt, it’s at an award show like The Grammy’s. 

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards took place this past Sunday, February 12th, 2017 and the fashion game at The Staples Center was on point. The ceremony is where professional musicians gather to give the top accolades in the music industry. It follows on the heels of New York Fashion Week, which is all of Hollywood’s time to stunt (stunting in fact, is actually a pre-requisite of the week). This year the fashion at The Grammy’s did not disappoint.

Take a look at my top 3 looks from the 2017 Grammy Awards:

1.      Paris Jackson


2.      Adele


3.      Lady Gaga

Alex Ulichny

What I love about all three of these looks is that they are all original and boldly match each celebrity’s individual personality. Paris Jackson & Adele took on earthy tones with Paris’ subtle rainbow Balmain dress & Adele’s boldly green Givenchy gown while Lady Gaga pulled her standard (but effective) shock & awe approach to fashion in Alex Ulichny.

Paris’ look is not too grown up, but definitely shows that she is entering womanhood. It is not too revealing, has cut-outs where appropriate and shows off some skin without veering towards the edge of promiscuity. In my eyes Paris was the belle of the ball.

Adele’s Givenchy gown hugs her body in all of the right places while making a statement with patterns, intricate detailing and brilliant colouring. The powerhouse went bold for the evening and bold was definitely the way to go. For a historic evening for the singer, Adele chose a timeless piece.

Lady Gaga’s rockstar look to the most elegant evening in music shows that Gaga is still down to make a statement. The chains around her hips are reminiscent of a modern-day chastity belt while the rest of the outfit screams nudity, bondage and intense freedom all at the same time. Lady Gaga gets my top “Stunt Award” Honours for this look. 

All three women rocked the Los Angeles red carpet and acheived fashion justice in the process. 

Fashion game slayage confirmed.


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